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Bi0Z noninvasive hemodynamic detector

Hemodynamic monitoring in clinical practice is usually limited to monitoring heart rate (HR) and blood pressure (BP), heart rate and blood pressure, but only provide the status of the patient's blood pharmacokinetics and response to treatment of partial information. Although there are several methods can be more comprehensive hemodynamic monitoring, however inconvenient, expensive, and often invasive, there are certain risks.
Has been widely accepted clinical BioZ-2011 a new generation of non-invasive hemodynamic real time bedside monitoring system, a method to fill the invasive hemodynamic monitoring can not be completed blank, avoiding invasive monitoring of the complexity and high risk, so that hemodynamic monitoring routine as possible, because of its great advantages in convenience, accuracy, security, economic aspects, was widely welcomed by clinic.
Bioz-2011 non-invasive hemodynamic detector by impedance spectroscopy patient hemodynamic parameters: heart rate, ejection time, pleural fluid conductivity, ejection systolic index, PEP, ejection fraction, inotropic state index, heart index, cardiac index, cardiac output, stroke displacement, pulse oxygen saturation dynamic detection; is a convenient, secure, non-invasive, portable and other characteristics.
BioZ features:
○ noninvasive: Just a patient neck / chest posted a pair of electrodes on each side;
○ Continuous: Can continuous real-time monitoring of the patient;
○ simple:
       △ medical personnel without special training complex, general nurses can operate;
       △ interface is simple to operate, the various parameters at a glance;
○ high accuracy
       △ BioZ adjustment aortic compliance using a proprietary algorithm that can automatically sense and adjust aortic compliance;
       △ proprietary quantitative techniques digitized impedance signal, digital signal processing application software 32;
       △ floating catheter contrast with the classical correlation r = 0.89;
○ maximize cost savings: BioZ consumables cost less than the price of the pulmonary artery catheter floating percentage of the cost (average);
○ strong anti-interference ability: Widely used in mechanical ventilation / electrosurgery / Dialysis / bedside hemofiltration (CRRT) and pacemaker patients.
Impedance cardiography:
○ disposable electrodes transmit low-amplitude high-frequency current through the chest;,
○ measured impedance signal and displays the waveform of impedance cardiography;
○ aortic blood flow and speed with each change of heart contraction and relaxation;
○ proprietary digitized impedance signal quantification will digitize their corresponding impedance change, impedance can automatically sense the gain signal. This technique is beyond the other thoracic electrical bioimpedance system of significant progress.
○ impedance signal waveform adjustment aortic compliance through innovative algorithm provides multiple hemodynamic parameters after treatment, including stroke volume, cardiac output, peripheral resistance and cardiac contractility and reflect pleural fluid level indicators of trends;
○ data signal intelligent identification system, identification is bad signal source to make measurements more accurate!
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